My VBXE is installed and works great. I got loads of help from MacRorie from the Brewing Academy and Sleepy on AtariAge. The only thing I was missing was a wiring diagram so I made one.

VBXE Wiring to 1088XEL

If you are thinking of installing a VBXE in your 1088XEL; and you definitely should , (what do you mean you don’t have a 1088XEL, go get one, they are great!) the only other thing you really need to be aware of is the position of the jumper on the back of the board for NTSC/PAL

I’m running out of room!

Hat-tip to Jamon (Desire) for the amazing Desire flower logo from the “Insane at Nordlicht” demo. I can finally see it on real hardware!