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I have a background in graphic design, occasionally I get involved in doing something ‘arty’ for the community. Here you will find all those things.

I have generated some (387) Truetype fonts from original bitmaps from Atari 8-Bit computers. These were created by very very talented people many many years ago. Ripped by hackers lost to the mists of time. Collected by archivists for future generations, now massaged by me.
This is an interesting thing. Back in October 2016, AtariAge member farago posted a photo of a wall chart he had had on his wall for many years and said it came from “The Computer Center” in Connecticut, indeed it has their copyright message in the bottom right corner. The reason I say it’s interesting […]
I've started making reproduction Atari cart labels, for official releases, repros of existing software, prototypes and, homebrew releases.
I made an updated version of the Facebook Group "Atari 8-Bit Computers" group cover
I reproduced a 1980's T-shirt for a couple of archivists I follow on Twitter.
Atari 'Big Box' Pascal Boxart. The header for Bill Lange's "Inside Atari Pascal" Blog
Boxart and Cart label for a limited run of Platoterm Carts
RetroPie is the script that makes installing and configuring RetroArch and other emulators onto a Raspberry Pi easier for non linux people, over time the developers behind it have also made some changes to the software that RetroPie packages and expanded to other SBC’s and even intel PC’s, it has become quite a nice way […]