Wizard’s Revenge

(Recommended for preteenagers-adults/Written in BASIC)

As a non-believer, you casually make a deprecating remark about wizard believers. Next thing you know, you’re transported to a strange and hostile land with nothing but the clothes on your back. It’s wizard coun- try and you’d better high tail it out of there! However, that’s easier said than done, as you’ll soon discover.

This version of Adventure accepts free form commands and it contains some randomness from session to session. It’s full of traps. Even using the HELP command can get you into trouble.


Although a typical Adventure, this one contains some sounds and it has a chatty approach. Be prepared to die many times before you figure out how to avoid all the traps.

The user manual is GOOD.



Wizard’s Revenge Mentions...

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Item on page 28, $6.25
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APX, Issue: 04 – Spring, 1982
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