Wizard’s Gold

(Recommended for preteenagers-adults/ Written in BASIC)

You’re in another magical castle, but this time your task is to find a hidden bar of gold and return it to its rightful place. You start in the wizard’s bedroom, but the gold is hidden in the dark catacombs underneath the castle. The wizard will use all his wiles to keep you from finding it.

Review Comments:

“This is a typical version of Adventure . . . and just as typically frustrating.”

“The text layout is rough compared to that in the other Adventures.”

Diskette (Order No. APX-20020)

Wizard’s Gold Mentions...

APX, Issue: 01 – Summer, 1981
Item on page 10, $14.95
APX, Issue: 04 – Spring, 1982
Item on page 46, $14.95
APX, Issue: 05 – Summer, 1982
Item on page 55, $15.95