Video Math Flashcards

(Recommended tor ages 6-10/Written in BASIC)

VIDEO MATH FLASHCARDS run through two-minute drills in such a pleasant way that youngsters might even do them for recreation! These drills resemble the familiar single-digit problem/answer flashcards, but this version enlivens the drills with some simple sound, color, and graphics features. It also displays a two-minute counter in the corner of the screen so the child can keep track of the time. The goal is to answer correctly as many problems as possible within the two minutes. A child can choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems or a mixture of all four types. He or she need enter only the answer, without having to press the RETURN key each time. The program displays the number of right and wrong answers as the drill progresses. The child receives a rank, such as NOVICE or MATH WIZ, at the end of the drill according to the number attempted and the number answered correctly. The program also contains a review stage, during which it redisplays any problems missed during the drill to give the child another chance to answer correctly. If he or she misses the answer, the correct answer displays as a suggestion to the child to type in and that problem occurs again later in the review. These drills are suitable for individual and group practice (children taking turns or in teams).

The author invites written questions and comments.


These drills are elementary, but they’re well done. You can’t set the level within the 0-9 range of problems/ answers. The approach is friendly and encouraging, rather than punitive. We especially enjoyed the review cycle. The sounds and graphics are fairly basic.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.

APX-10048, APX-20048


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