Variable Changer

(Recommended for advanced BASIC programmers/Written in BASIC)

How often have you typed in a complete BASIC program and later wished you’d called a variable by a different name? Have you ever run out of RAM space because you used lengthy variable names? Have you wanted to protect your program at times from being listed? If so, consider this utility. VARIABLE CHANGER changes a variable’s name throughout your BASIC program, by modifying your program’s internal symbol table. You can either change particular variable names, or you can tell the utility to change them all to the shortest possible length. This latter option helps you when you need to compress a program into the smallest possible space. (This is a good companion program to MASHER, described elsewhere in this section.) If you want to protect your program from curious eyes, you can also use this utility to convert all your variable names to the same non-printing character. Because the BASIC interpreter has already translated your variable names to an internal form, your program will still run, but no one will be able to read it by using the LIST command, and so another user would have difficulty trying to modify your program.

Review Comments:

“This program is very useful for making general changes, conserving memory, and protecting your program. And it’s quite fast, because it takes advantage of the unique structure of ATARI BASIC by modifying the names in the┬ásymbol table associated with a tokenized BASIC program instead of by modifying the actual program code.”

“The power of this program makes it unsuitable for a novice programmer. It’s possible to make a real mess out of your program if you’re not careful.”

“If you try to expand variable names to be much longer than they were originally, the expanded name might cause some program statements to exceed the maximum logical line length per- mitted by the Screen Editor, and you won’t be able to edit such lines in the future because the Screen Editor will truncate them.”

Diskette (Order No. APX-20012)

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