Text Formatter (Forms)

(Recommended for teenagers-adults, depending on text editor /Written in BASIC)

How often have you typed a report, letter, set of tables, or other text and then wished you’d chosen a different layout? When were you last satisfied with the wording and layout of a first draft? If you’re still relying on your typewriter, revising your document means having to retype your text. But with FORMS and a text editor you can change page height, line spacing, line length, left-hand margin, paragraph indention, running top title, and more, as often as you like without having to re-key your text. You control text formatting by entering simple codes along with your text. For example, you enter “.C” before text you want to center. You use FORMS along with a text editor to key in your FORMS codes and text and to store your data file. You can use almost any editor that produces a text file on cassette or diskette, with or without line numbers. The ATARI Assembler Editor Cartridge (CXL4003) works well. When you’re ready to print your text, FORMS asks whether you want to print your entire document (data file) or only selected pages, which is convenient when you revise only one section or a few pages of a large document. And FORMS ac- commodates both separate sheets and continuous forms.

Review Comments:

“Anyone familiar with DEC’s formatter, RUNOFF, or the University of Waterloo’s formatter, SCRIPT, can easily master FORMS.”

“Users accustomed to the more sophisticated text formatters won’t be able to get as many special effects with FORMS. For example, FORMS has no way to right justify, its only bottom title is a cen- tered arabic page number, it can’t easily create hanging indentions or multicolumn text, it has no hyphenation rules or exception dictionary, and it has no indexing or footnote capability.”

“FORMS produces a very ragged right margin when you use it with the proportional character set. Tabular text also becomes misaligned in this character mode.”

Cassette (Order No. APX -10002) , Diskette (Order No. APX-20002)

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