(Recommended for ages 10 and up/Written in BASIC and machine language)

Your guests languidly dunk the chips in the dip. Their eyes glaze over in boredom. Only their hands are active . . . stifling yawns. The awkward conversational pauses stretch out interminably. Your party is going down the tubes. It’s time to bring in TERRY! Not only can she breathe life back into your party, but she can even help you and your guests figure out why the party is bombing, if you’re curious to know the reason. Granted, TERRY can be sarcastic at times, and sometimes TERRY’s comments make sense only to TERRY. But as analysts go, she’s cheap and she’s always available. Besides, how else could you save both your party and your composure? (P. S. TERRY is also a good companion when you’re all alone.)

TERRY is your very own analyst. Depending on your mood, you can engage her in light conversation, or you can reveal your innermost feelings. While she doesn’t promise to clear up all your problems, she will keep your sessions in the strictest confidence, so feel free to reveal all. And she’s very easy to use. You can start conversing as soon as she automatically loads into computer memory. You talk to TERRY via the keyboard, and she displays her responses on your screen. She can last as long as you can — long after your last guest has departed!


TERRY is a lightweight version of the artificial intelligence programs designed to imitate psychotherapists. However, TERRY doesn’t pretend to be as smart or as probing. She favors, instead, rollicking repartee.

Some of TERRY’s responses are a little odd!

The user manual is GOOD.

APX-10047, APX-20047


Terry Mentions...

APX, Issue: 02 – Fall, 1981
Item on page 19, $6.25
APX, Issue: 03 – Winter, 1981
Item on page 33, $8.45
APX, Issue: 04 – Spring, 1982
Item on page 37, $12.95
APX, Issue: 05 – Summer, 1982
Item on page 48, $15.95