Tact Trek

(Recommended for teenagers-adults/ Written in BASIC)

In TACT TREK you don’t whiz around the galaxy destroying dozens of enemy spaceships. Instead, this is a tactical-level combat game. A trained captain pilots each well-armed enemy starship. But deep in interstellar space, you, a battle-scarred veteran starship commander, expertly track the enemy and fire your weapons to save the galaxy. You must outmaneuver and then destroy as many as three enemy starships. After you issue a command to change course, launch a torpedo, and the like, the enemy issues a similar command. Then the computer executes these commands while the starships move through space, and you see ten “scans” of the resulting action. It’s a battle of wits in a race against some very clever enemies.

Review Comments:

“There’s a lot of information to keep track of in this game, which you do via a command window and a damage report. This game is very slow and very intellectual. Its level of strategy will probably appeal to those patient souls who enjoy such pastimes as chess- by-mail.”

Cassette (Order No. APX-10031), Diskette (Order No. APX-20031)

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