Space Trek

(Recommended for teenagers-adults/ Written in BASIC)

It’s you against the Oralops! As captain of the U.S.S. Starship, your mission is to destroy the enemy Oralop spaceships that are threatening the galaxy. Of course, you have limited fuel and only so many stardates in which to complete your assignment. The galaxy is divided into 64 quadrants arranged in an eight-by-eight grid; each quad- rant contains 64 sectors, also arranged in eight-by-eight grids. You guide your starship around the galaxy in search of Oralops by entering course coordinates and warp factors, which can be positive integers or decimal values, To see your position relative to the elusive Oralops, you can call for a long-range sensor scan, which shows the number of Oralops, starbases, and stars in each quadrant adjacent to your current position, or you can call for a galactic report, which summarizes these conditions for all the quadrants in the galaxy that border quadrants you’ve occupied. When you find an Oralop, you can release your photon torpedoes (if they’re operable), or you can fire your phasers to deplete his shield power. If you miss, though, the Oralop fires back, reducing your defensive shield energy. Then you’ll need to find a starbase to recharge your energy and restock your photon torpedoes. It’s a¬†tough battle to win, and to succeed you must chart your course precisely and weigh carefully the type and amount of weaponry you expend on each Oralop. And even then, fate can undermine your best efforts.

Review Comments:

“This is a strategy game short on action and long on numerical and positional analysis. It’s unlikely to interest children, but spacewar fans will probably enjoy this version of the classic computer Star Trek game.”

Cassette (Order No. APX-10015), Diskette (Order No. APX-20015)

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