Sound Editor

(Recommended for programmers/Written in BASIC)

SOUND EDITOR helps you create short sounds, such as clangs, croaks, rattles, and other such nonsense. It’s not appropriate for developing tunes, jingles, or sounds lasting longer than one second. SOUND EDITOR uses a graphical approach. It divides a one-second sound into 20 segments. Using a joystick controller, you specify the volume, frequency, and distortion in each segment. The utility displays a plot of these parameters, one at a time. You can play back your new sound at any time and then refine it. And you can store your sounds on diskette or cassette and recall them later. You can edit two of the four sound channels with this program and play them simultaneously. Then you can incorporate the finished sounds into your BASIC or machine language programs.

Review Comments:

“SOUND EDITOR offers a lot of potential for the interested hobbyist. As utilities go, this one is fun. Its graphical presentation of the sound parameters makes it easy to understand what comprises a sound.”

“The program limits you to only two sound channels at a time. For most sounds, however, this isn’t a problem.”

Cassette (Order No. APX-10018), Diskette (Order No. APX-20018)

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