Screen Dump Utility

(Recommended for programmers/Written in machine language)

These three programs let you print copies of screen displays. You can copy text to any ATARI printer or equiv- alent printer. You can copy text and graphics characters to an ATARI 822 Thermal Printer or a Centronics 739 Graphics Printer. An AUTORUN.SYS file automatically loads a screen dump program into memory. You then enter or load in an applications program. Whenever you want a printed copy of a display screen, you simply type CONTROL-P. You can change several of the graphics screen dump programs’ parameters, including increasing the size or proportion of the printed image, printing black on white or white on black, printing in grey scale or in black and white, and letting the grey scale represent either luminance or color. You can also call these programs from your applications programs with a USR function.


The minimum scale dump to an ATARI 822 Thermal Printer occurs as two passes, the first pass printing the leftmost two-thirds of the screen and the second pass printing the remaining third underneath. The procedure takes about 15 minutes. You then cut and tape the strips together to form a complete display screen. The print quality on this printer isn’t the best, but it’s usable.

These programs install themselves below user memory at boot time, moving the lower memory boundary up. Therefore, programs in machine language that rely on certain absolute memory locations being available might not work with these screen dump programs. Also, programs using player missile graphics must have been designed to run with this program.

The user manual is GOOD.



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