Preschool Games

This set of eight games for young children introduces some basic game concepts. A couple of the games resemble traditional children’s games. Others develop such skills as pattern recognition and memory recall. Another resembles a popular preschool toy. Played with a keyboard controller, the games are:

  • TIC-TAC-TOE — complete a row or column first and you win; play against the computer or against another player.
  • TOUCH-ME™ — try to reproduce a sequence of tones the computer plays; build up to an 8- or 16-note sequence.
  • PIANO — compose a tune and then have the computer play it back.
  • COUNTING — count the number of notes the computer plays, or enter a number and have the computer play a tune with that number of notes.
  • BATTLE — guess the secret location of your opponent’s battleship before he guesses yours and you win; play against the computer or against another player.
  • ROCKSCIS — pick “rock,” “scissors,” or “paper,” and then let the computer or another player try to guess your choice.
  • MUSICAL — after the computer plays musical chairs, match the position of the chair taken away with the corresponding button on your keyboard controller.
  • SOUNDBOX — press a button to produce a noise, such as chirping, exploding, drilling, or splashing.

Review Comments:

“A child will usually need instructions from someone the first time through most of these games.”
“These games use crude graphics not nearly as elaborate as the ATARI computer’s graphics capability can support.”

Diskette for ATARI 810 (Order No. APX-20006)

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