Personal Fitness Programâ„¢

(Recommended for ages 12 and up/Written in BASIC)

Have you been spending too many hours seated at your ATARI Personal Computer? Are you developing hobbyist’s spread? Do you wind easily when you chase after Rover to retrieve your cassettes or diskettes? Do your muscles strain when you lug your equipment to the users’ group meeting? Don’t despair. Without leaving your computer, you can recapture the pride and vigor that come with being in good physical condition by exercising for 15-30 minutes a day with animated model Pinky Stamina.

The eight exercises in the PERSONAL FITNESS PROGRAM may help improve your flexibility, strength, stamina, coordination, circulation, and general body tone. Taking into account age, sex, heart rate, and past exercise performance, the program tailors the exercises to each user. You can exercise when you want and at your own pace. The program contains daily and weekly progress charts.



The idea of exercising along with a computerized companion is still novel. Computer addicts will probably enjoy this approach. Others might miss exercising with fellow human sufferers. Pinky Stamina is a boring companion after a few sessions.

The animated model and charts make good use of the ATARI computer’s graphics features.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.



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