(Recommended for all ages/Written in machine language)

Here are two games to show off your marksmanship. In OUTLAW you square off against another cowboy, who has you cornered in the desert. Fortunately for you, you can hide behind cactuses to elude his bullets. You use your joystick controller to chase your opponent and to take aim, then to scamper out of range as he fires back at you. You can run him all over the desert, but he’s a real sharpshooter, so you’ll be doing some fancy footwork to get him before he gets you. The first to score ten hits is the winner.

In HOWITZER your tank confronts the enemy tank across a river, which neither of you can cross. You hear your tank rumble as you use your joystick to maneuver around the field. But you can’t count on the trees to protect you from enemy fire. Each cannonball you fire that misses its target leaves a hole in the field, but you’ll know when either of you has scored a hit — the earth shakes and the tank explodes. The first to score ten hits is the winner.

You can play OUTLAW or HOWITZER against the computer or against another player. To compensate for different levels of skill, each side can play with or without handicaps — each game has eight variations.

Review Comments:

“Both games use colorful, action- packed graphics and sound effects, which make these games appealing to players of all ages and levels of skill.”

Cassette (Order No. APX-10004), Diskette (Order No. APX-20004)

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