Newspaper Route Management Program

(Recommended for preteenagers-adults/ Written in BASIC)

This program can help you manage a newspaper route by simplifying your record-keeping chores and helping you plan your route. It supports daily or Sunday routes of as many as 100 subscriptions. You can enter, update, and delete customers’ addresses and class of service to reflect subscription changes. And you can locate your customers on a computer displayed map to help you plan your route. NEWSPAPER ROUTE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM lets you create and display a
variety of customer lists alphabetized by street address. If you have a printer attached, you can also print this list, as well as print payment collection lists and customer receipts.

Review Comments:

“This program requires knowledge of BASIC. You’ll need to modify the BASIC code to tailor such elements as street names and map coordinates to your route. A preteenage user might need an adult’s help with this initial program coding. With this done, the program is easy to use, one reason being its multilevel menu approach.”

“To make full use of this program, you need a printer.”


Diskette (Order No. APX-20013)

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