(Recommended for teenagers-adults/Written in BASIC)

With the MAPWARE programs you can create a wide variety of high-resolution world maps, store your maps, and display them whenever you like. MAPWARE already contains nearly 9000 pairs of geographic coordi- nates for locating main land masses and islands on Earth. These maps are useful for such applications as games and simulations, tracking satellites, pointing amateur radio antennas, and teaching geography and cartography. The menu-driven programs create and display maps in four different projections: cylindrical (rectangular equal-spaced), orthographic equatorial, azimuthal equidistant, and general perspective (global). Try drawing a world map as you would see it from any distance above your hometown. The map creation program prompts you for the data needed, such as the longitudinal and latitudinal endpoints of your map.

MAPWARE comes on two* diskettes — one containing the programs to display and create maps and one containing the coordinate data. You also need a blank formatted diskette on which to store data for the maps you create. MAPWARE comes with five sample maps.

The authors invite written questions and comments.


The maps look quite realistic; the amount of detail is impressive. The authors put a lot of work into MAPWARE.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.



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