(Recommended for ages 8 and up/Written in BASIC)

LOOKAHEAD is a strategy game played with joysticks. The game board is a table of numbers. You can move only horizontally across a row; your opponent can move only vertically within a column. The object is to force an end to the game while you have more points than your opponent. You score points by landing on numbers and you end the game by landing on the last number in any column or row. The strategy in LOOKAHEAD isn’t as simple as always landing on the highest number, however, because your opponent might then be able to land on an even higher number or force you to move to the last available number in a row while your opponent has the higher score. The sharper your opponent, the further ahead you must plan your moves!

You can play against another player or against the computer, which can play at three levels. You can also specify the highest number you want used in the number table. If you like an element of luck in your games, you can choose to have some numbers in the table display as question marks until selected.

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LOOKAHEAD makes good use of the ATARI computer’s graphics capabilities. Playing against the computer is a challenge for all but very advanced players.

The game is an enjoyable way for children to practice their addition.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.


APX-10032, APX-20032


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