Load ‘n Go

(Recommended for BASIC programmers/Written in BASIC and machine language)

Would you like to encourage the non-programmers in your house to use your BASIC programs? One way is to eliminate the initial steps required to load and start a program, so that they need only insert a diskette and power up the computer. Would you like to streamline the initialization steps you go through when you power up? With LOAD ‘N GO you can automatically start a BASIC program whenever you power up your computer. It’s like custom-tailoring your computer to a single application, except you can custom tailor it to as many applications as you wish. To set up the automatic program execution, you run LOAD ‘N GO once. LOAD ‘N GO asks you for a RUN or LOAD command for the BASIC program you want to autoexecute. It then creates an AUTORUN.SYS file that automatically starts your program whenever you turn on your computer with the program diskette inserted in a disk drive.

LOAD ‘N GO is very simple to use, and its applications are limited only by your imagination.


This program has only one function — to autoexecute BASIC programs, but it’s a powerful utility that took some time to write.

You can’t use LOAD ‘N GO with’ a diskette containing an AUTORUN.SYS file, since LOAD ‘N GO will replace the file with its own AUTORUN.SYS file.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.


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