(Recommended for all ages /Written in BASIC)

Have you dreamed about starting your own small business? LEMONADE tests your business acumen! Your lemonade stand could make you rich. On the other hand, you could go bankrupt. And if you do, the game’s over. The object is to amass a fortune by weighing your production and advertising costs against anticipated sales. Your costs vary as the economy fluctuates. Other conditions, like heat waves and road construction, can affect your sales. But, like the real world, you don’t see their effect until after you’ve committed your assets.

LEMONADE has become a classic computer game for teaching basic economic concepts, such as the effect on demand of setting prices, the impact of advertising, and the influence of general events on business ventures. Each day, the lemonade stand owner notes his available assets and considers any known conditions, which display on the video screen. Then the owner decides how many glasses to prepare, how many advertising signs to make at a given cost, and how much to charge per glass. The outcome of each day’s decisions determines the assets available in subsequent days for production and advertising.

Review Comments:

“Very easy to use. Also very easy to go bankrupt if you’re greedy.”

LEMONADE doesn’t do justice to the ATARI computer’s graphics capability, and it uses minimal sound effects. The information displays in various colors, but no illustrations enliven the game. Therefore, it might not hold the attention of young players, unless they’re serious budding entrepreneurs, or unless they use the program as part of an overall lesson.”

Cassette (Order No. APX-10001) Diskette (Order No. APX-20001)

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