Graphics/Sound Demonstration

(Recommended for all ages /Written in BASIC and machine language)

This diskette shows off the ATARI computers’ outstanding graphics and sound effects capabilities. An ATARI personal computer can produce 128 different colors (16 colors, each at 8 levels of brightness). Use these colors in myriad shapes, patterns, and sequences and just try to imagine the range of special effects possible! This diskette illustrates but a few of the many two- and three-dimensional effects you can achieve with an ATARI computer. The diskette also contains a scrolling map that demonstrates the ATARI computers’ fine scrolling capability; the assembler source code is included to let you see how it works. By studying the source code of any of these programs, you can adapt the techniques to your own applications.

Review Comments:

“Even on a black and white video screen these graphics are impressive; on a color screen, they’re stunning!”

Diskette  (Order No. APX-20028)

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