Financial Asset Management System

(Recommended for ages 16 and up/Written in BASIC)

Are you looking for a systematic way to organize all the niggling details involved in keeping track of your financial assets? No sooner said than done! The FINANCIAL ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM helps you evaluate the status of all your holdings by creating records for each asset and producing printed financial reports. Your assets can be of any type, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, collectibles, bank accounts, funds, and certificates. Using a series of menus, you can track as many as 99 different assets per file, and you can create as many files as you need. Each asset can be as large as $10 million. The system values your portfolio and prints three kinds of reports. One kind orders all your assets in a file alphabetically and lists each asset’s yield, profit, and annual payout, among other information. This report also prints subtotals by asset type. The second kind sorts all your assets in a file into five different lists: by value, profit, payout, yield, and percent profit. The third report tabulates all your dividends and interest paid on a year-to-date (YTD) basis. And for your convenience, you can also print data input forms to record information manually until you’re ready to update your computer files.

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This is a comprehensive financial record keeper. However, you must do your own analysis. The printed reports are very well designed. Clearly, a lot of work went into this program, and the results are very professional.

You need to use the manual along with the program, especially the first few times. The user manual is EX- CELLENT.



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