Extended WSFN (TURTLE)

(Recommended for beginning- advanced programmers/Written in machine language)

Do you know someone who’s curious about your ATARI 400/800 computer but has no programming knowledge to call on to try out your system? This program might be the answer. WSFN (Which Stands For Nothing) is an educational graphics language developed for teaching programming concepts to beginners. Picture a small robot turtle holding a pen in his mouth and sitting in the middle of your video screen. Now imagine you can command the turtle to do such things as move, turn, and raise and lower his pen. That’s what WSFN is all about. WSFN programs consist of strings of one-letter commands like “F” for “forward” and “L” for “left turn”. With simple instructions, users can write such standard programming structures as loops and subroutines. This version of WSFN is greatly extended compared to the original language, and it contains many advanced debugging, graphics, joystick, and mass storage features. Although you can do some fairly advanced graphics with WSFN (if you know what you’re doing), it’s meant to be a beginner’s language. Also, because it’s strictly a graphical system, it isn’t suitable for developing applications programs.

Review Comments:

‘This is a very comprehensive version of WSFN, with many advanced features. It can be a lot of fun to use and the graphics it generates can be dazzling. Also, this language is fast, executing faster than BASIC in most cases.”

“Several bugs in this implementation make its use as an educational tool confusing at times. Because of time and staffing restrictions, this program hasn’t undergone the extensive testing that any new language should. Some users may find WSFN’s command language a bit cryptic, but it’s not bad once you get the hang of it.”

Cassette (Order No. 10026)
Diskette (Order No. APX-20026)

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