(Recommended for ages 12 and up/Written in BASIC)

Here’s a game where greed, cunning and ruthlessness can work to your advantage. Of course, judicious plan- ning, quick reflexes, and some occasional diplomacy also help. In DOMINATION, between one and five players compete for power via economic means and nuclear or conventional warfare. You must make decisions quickly, exercise skillful hand-eye coordination, outguess your opponents, and cope with random events. You decide the length of the game by setting the number of years you want to cycle through. A cycle consists of three phases for each player. In the Nuclear Conflict phase, you can declare war against any oppo- nent. Then you try to outguess your enemy during seven missile launches. In the Asset phase, you buy, sell, and reallocate assets to prepare for the final phase. In the Domination phase, you choose a country to fight or to try a little diplomacy on — either way, you’re after its assets. Should you declare war, you then allocate your armies and personally shoot the cannons. When you prevail, all the country’s assets transfer to you; when you lose, your assets diminish according to how heavily you committed yourself. Winner is the richest superpower at the end of the specified time span.

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DOMINATION is like three games in one. It’s especially fun with several players.

The paddle controller aspects of the game could use some finer tuning.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.

APX-10041, APX-20041


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