Disk Fixer (FIXDMP)

(Recommended for advanced systems programmers/Written in machine language)

FIX lets an advanced programmer get directly at several important areas of a diskette. Depending on the circumstances, FIX can sometimes help you recover some or all of your files from a “crashed” diskette. FIX lets you: (1) display directory entries, so that you know the exact entry for each file; (2) modify directory entries, so that you can control directory information; (3) trace sector chains through a file, looking for the end of the file or for a bad sector, so that you can verify the structure of a file; (4) check the allocation map, so that you can recover misallocated sectors; and (5) modify sector links, so that you can control the file number, sector byte count, and forward sector pointer for any sector on the diskette. This utility program is for an advanced systems programmer only. Its use requires a detailed understanding of disk structure.

Review Comments:

“FIX has been invaluable on several occasions in ‘salvaging’ a destroyed diskette. Styled after the ATARI DOS menu structure, it has a fairly good user interface.”

“You can do more harm than good with this powerful utility if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s a tool for an advanced user only!’

“The only major limitation of FIX is its inability to examine and modify actual sector data.”

Diskette (Order No. APX-20010)

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