Dice Poker

(Recommended for ages 8 and up/Written in BASIC)

DICE POKER is a game in which strategy can compensate for bad dice rolls — at least, up to a point! As many as four players or teams can compete at a time. A game consists of thirteen rounds of play In each round, you can roll any or all of five dice up to three times to obtain one of thirteen scoring combinations, such as aces, three of a kind, and full house. But you must select some combination each turn, even if you score zero points. You earn bonus points for rolling five of a kind or for high scores. Winner is the highest scorer. The diskette version of DICE POKER keeps track of the top ten scores and players’ initials.


DICE POKER keeps score in a nicely formatted display and the program is easy to use.

This makes a good party game because several people can play at a time.

This version doesn’t let one player compete against the computer.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.



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