Decision Maker

(Recommended for ages 12 and up/Written in BASIC)

Should we open a branch office in Tucson, Phoenix, or Flagstaff? Which meets my financial needs best — mutual funds, money market certificates, or real estate? Should I buy another disk drive for my system, a video tape recorder, or a new stereo? We’re always faced with decisions! Big ones, small ones, in-between ones. Sometimes the answers are obvious, but many times they’re not, especially when we have many choices and must consider several factors. The DECISION MAKER can help you with business and personal decisions involving as many as ten different choices and ten different factors. Via a series of prompted menus, you enter all the possible outcomes and the factors entering into the decision (e.g., expense and convenience). Then you weight each factor and evaluate how the factor measures up in each outcome. The program computes the best choice, based on the data you entered, and it displays a bar chart of all the choices.

The author invites written questions and comments.


This program is most useful for complex decisions. You must understand well the factors involved in choosing. The menus are clear and easy to use.

You can’t edit data you’ve already entered.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.


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