Computerized Card File, The

(Recommended for teenagers-adults/ Written in BASIC)

THE COMPUTERIZED CARD FILE is a very basic system for storing, updating, and retrieving information organized into records or “cards”. With the help of THE COMPUTERIZED CARD FILE, you write BASIC statements to define the data fields in your cards and to create the display format and any display labels for these cards. The program uses these BASIC statements to customize the program to your application. THE COMPUTERIZED CARD FILE can handle any card size, number of fields, field size, and field arrangement. It’s also flexible as to the size and location of a card’s access key, which you use to locate one or more cards if you don’t want to page through the entire data file. You can also search with partial keys. The program controls against the creation of faulty keys to prevent inaccessible cards from occurring in your data file. THE COMPUTERIZED CARD FILE uses a menu from which you may select any of these functions:

  • FETCH DATA (to load stored data file into RAM)
  • SAVE DATA (to store data file on disk- ette)
  • CREATE RECORDS (to enter new cards)
  • DELETE RECORDS (to remove stored cards)
  • EDIT RECORDS (to update fields in stored cards) SCAN RECORDS (to page through the data file)
  • FILE DESCRIPTION (to see a summary of your data file’s characteristics)

Review Comments:

“This program requires knowledge of BASIC. You must lay out a card’s fields, a display format, and display labels via defining string and numeric variables, constants, and DATA statements, using the formats and formulae in the program’s listing. A sample card file helps illustrate how to go about this task.”

“Because the software uses a binary search to store and retrieve cards, response time is very fast.”

“This is a very simple card filing system. For example, you can search only on the record’s key, which can be a severe limitation for some applications, and you can’t redefine which field is the file key. In addition, you can update only one card at a time, even if you need to make the same change to several cards.”

“This program requires all cards to be in RAM at once.”

Diskette (Order No. APX-20014)

Computerized Card File, The Mentions...

APX, Issue: 01 – Summer, 1981
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