Comedy Diskette

(Recommended for all ages/Written in BASIC)

For those who appreciate the lighter side of computers, we offer a melange of humor and whimsy. Lest we spoil the fun by telling too much, we merely hint here at what’s in store for you. The subtitles are:

  • BURP — for those who yearn for a little variety in their READY prompt
  • ACHTUNG — for those who can recall their fear of what could happen if they touched the wrong key on the keyboard
  • SOCRATES — for those who can use a fresh supply of aphorisms to guide and comfort them in this complex age
  • NERDQUIZ for those who want to test their NERD quotient
  • DOS.SIS – for those who take the DOS menu selections for granted
  • FPFSQUAD — for those who can’t face any more debugging sessions or hardware failures

Review Comments:

“These routines have something for everyone. Some use clever graphics and sound effects, some stress textual humor, and some combine all three elements.”

Diskette (Order No. APX-20027)

Comedy Diskette Mentions...

APX, Issue: 01 – Summer, 1981
Item on page 13, $14.95
APX, Issue: 02 – Fall, 1981
Item on page 24, $8.25
APX, Issue: 03 – Winter, 1981
Item on page 38, $10.45
APX, Issue: 04 – Spring, 1982
Item on page 51, $14.95
APX, Issue: 05 – Summer, 1982
Item on page 53, $15.95