(Recommended for ages 12 and up/Written in BASIC)

CODECRACKER will be a breeze for professional cryptographers, but it will really tax everyone else’s ability to concentrate and think logically. In CODECRACKER, the computer or your opponent secretly selects a code between three and five digits. You have up to twelve tries in which to break the code. Each time you enter a code, the computer responds with two kinds of clues — it displays a letter “I” for each digit that is part of the code and positioned correctly, and it displays a letter “O” for each digit that is part of the code but is out of order. You use the cumulative information provided by these clues to narrow down the possibilities until you break the code. The fewer turns you take, the lower your score, and the better codecracker you are. In the one-player version, you try to beat your previous score. In the two-player version, you compete against your opponent. You can add to the pressure of the game by using the time option. Whenever you exceed the time limit for a turn, you lose one or more turns (depending on how long you take to complete the turn). You can choose how much time pressure you want to work under.

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This is a good computer implementation of a widely known game of logic. The timing feature really adds to the pressure!

The error handling is excellent. The user manual is VERY GOOD.

APX-10052, APX-20052


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