Character Set Editor

(Recommended for intermediate-advanced programmers/Written in BASIC)

Many users know that an ATARI computer can change character sets, but few have taken advantage of this feature. With CHARACTER SET EDITOR you can create, edit, save, and load your own character sets, using any font you choose. It’s especially useful for creating special graphics images and foreign language character sets. You use a joystick controller to set and clear the 64 points that can make up each character. When you’re satisfied with a character, you store it on diskette and go on to the next one. The program also lets you modify a character set previously created and stored. You can incorporate your new character set into your programs with the aid of a simple loader routine included with CHARACTER SET EDITOR.

Review Comments:

“This utility gives you easy access to some of the advanced graphics potential of your ATARI computer. Intermediate and advanced users will think of many interesting applications for character graphics.”

“The graphics techniques used in this program are quite pleasing.”

“Some aspects of this utility could use improvement. For example, it displays an enlarged version of a character as you edit it, but it can’t display the actual size until you’ve finished creating the character. This approach makes it hard to envision the finished pattern. It’s also rather slow at displaying the character set changes because of the graphics techniques used. We’ve seen more advanced character set editors, but this one is usable.”

Diskette (Order No. APX-20017)

Character Set Editor Mentions...

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Item on page 18, $14.95
APX, Issue: 02 – Fall, 1981
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