Chameleon CRT Terminal Emulator

Recommended for ages 14 and up/Written in BASIC and machine language

With CHAMELEON you can convert your ATARI computer into a computer terminal. CHAMELEON emulates three terminals: “Glass TTY,” ADM-3A, and VT-52. For all three types, it supports tabs, line feed, form feed, and a visual bell signal. For the ADM-3A and VT-52, it also supports cursor addressing and basic editing features. It doesn’t support the special graphics character set of the VT-52 or some rarely used ADM-3A features.

CHAMELEON’S major features are: (1) an 80-column, 24-line character display (displaying 40 columns at a time) with a lock cursor feature for automatic horizontal scrolling; (2) previous page buffer; (3) continuous transmission at baud rates of 75 to 4800 and non-continuous at 9600; (4) selectable input and output parity; (5) a BREAK signal; and (6) the full ASCII standard character set. Assembly language programmers with a 32K disk system and the Assembler Editor Cartridge can define new terminal types with CHAMELEON (the diskette version includes the source code).

The author invites written questions and comments.


This is a versatile, well thought-out program. The wide screen emulation is great for large computer systems expecting an 80-column terminal. Your TV picture must be properly centered to handle the 40-column display. It has no autoreturn mode; the host computer must send a CR-LF signal.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.

APX-10058, APX-20058


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