(Recommended for teenagers-adults/ Written in BASIC)

Here’s a real-time, fast-moving war game. You’re a centurion warrior in Roman times with ten legions to direct against ten hordes of barbarians. The battle takes place on an 11-by-18 field of hexagons, some of which represent impassable rough terrain. Each of your units is assigned a number and is positioned in a hexagon. But the location of each barbarian unit remains invisible until you move to within three hexagons of one, whence the unit’s number displays in its hexagon. You direct your legions by calling up the number of the legion you need and then entering as many as four numbers to represent sequential directional moves. Then you go on to direct other legions as the computer carries out your previous instructions. The tribesmen, of course, are also intent on winning, and so they’re constantly repositioning themselves to outmaneuver your legions. Thus, you must recall your legions to revise their strategic movements as the tribesmen move around. Throughout the battle, troop strength wanes as legionnaires and tribesmen become exhausted or scared, but they gradually recover — if they’re not conquered in the meantime. If you can see an enemy unit, then you can request a display of its effective and disrupted strength to help you decide whether to attack. You also have some crack units not available to the barbarians: one adds its strength to aid another unit, two move twice as fast as normal, and two defend at twice the normal strength.

You must evaluate all these factors to vanquish the barbarians. If you succeed, the Roman Senate awards you silver pieces commensurate with your victory. CENTURION has ten levels of difficulty, to accommodate novice and experienced warriors alike.

Review Comments:

“This game calls for quick thinking and constant checking of both the graphic and the data displays. The displays do a commendable job of clearly tracking the large amount of information and number of movements involved in playing CENTURION

“The game’s human interface is weak. For example, it can become confused if the user makes a mistake, and it’s also very slow at times.”

“The level of strategy is too elementary for advanced war game players.”

Cassette (Order No. APX-10016)
Diskette (Order No. APX-20016)

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