(Recommended for preteenagers-adults/ Written in BASIC)

You must find an escape route out of an enchanted castle in which you’ve been imprisoned by a wrathful wizard. You can go from bell towers to dungeons looking for an exit, but don’t pass up chances to bring along such helpful objects as amulets and swords or you’ll be unprepared when you finally see a way out.

Review Comments:

“This version will interest beginning-to-intermediate Adventure players. It has imaginative, often humorous text.”

Diskette (Order No. APX-20019)

Castle Mentions...

APX, Issue: 01 – Summer, 1981
Item on page 10, $14.95
APX, Issue: 02 – Fall, 1981
Item on page 26, $8.25
APX, Issue: 03 – Winter, 1981
Item on page 40, $10.45
APX, Issue: 04 – Spring, 1982
Item on page 46, $14.95
APX, Issue: 05 – Summer, 1982
Item on page 55, $15.95, (Rev. 2)