Bumper Pool

(Recommended for ages 8 and up/ Written in BASIC)

Has your local pool hall been torn down to make way for another parking lot? Do some of the unsavory characters hanging around the tables keep you from getting off your best shots? Do you get the yen to play when the hall is closed? Whatever your problem, you can still play bumper pool with this two-player computer version of the popular pool hall game. In BUMPER POOL, your goal is to shoot all five of your balls into the opening at the opposite end of the pool table. Twelve round bumpers located in the center and at both ends of the table impede your path. A ball hitting a bumper bounces unpredictably, whereas you can predict the direction in which your ball will travel after a cushion shot off the table edge or a bank shot off other balls. In each turn, you select the ball you want to move, the direction in which you want to move it, and the distance you want it to travel. The computer then follows your instructions. The results can sometimes be all ten balls moving at once! You must play both offensively and defensively — to maneuver your balls down to the other end of the table, while keeping your opponent from pocketing all five opposing balls before you do.

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The colors, sounds, and redefined character set used in BUMPER POOL create some pleasing graphics. It’s easy to play the game, but not so easy to pocket the balls. Some of the angles take getting used to. Since the ball motion is handled by BASIC, it’s not as smooth as it could be.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.


APX-10053, APX-20053


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