(Recommended for BASIC programmers/Written in BASIC)

BLIS prints your ATARI BASIC programs in a clear, easy-to-follow format. You can print each routine on a different page, if you wish. In addition, it indents logical units like FOR/NEXT loops and IF/THEN statements. It can also print your REMark statements in boldface, or it can print them as titles at the top of the page. If your program contains multiple statements per line, BLIS will print each statement separately, indenting as appropri- ate. All these features make debugging easier, since you can clearly see program blocks and subordination. These features also result in a format that is suitable for publication. Other niceties are running top titles, page numbers, use. of the condensed character set to pre- serve the visual logic even with long statements, and conversion of nonprinting characters within strings to printed representations. To use BLIS, you simply answer a series of prompted questions that set your options. These include starting and ending page numbers (in case you want to print only part of your program listing), whether you’re using continuous paper or separate sheets, the name of your program file, and whether you want to print a running top title.

The author invites written questions and comments.


The formatted program listings produced with BLIS are very pleasing and helpful.

The error trapping could be better.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.



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