Blackjack Tutor

(Recommended for adults/Written in BASIC and machine language)

Here’s a game with more than entertainment as its purpose. It’s also a tutorial designed to increase your mastery of blackjack playing and betting strategy. The training occurs in two stages. In the first stage, you learn basic blackjack strategy so that you can maintain roughly even odds over the dealer. In the second stage, you tackle the tens count strategy, which can give you as much as a ten percent advantage over the dealer during some portions of game play.

Designed for players already familiar with the popular casino card game, BLACKJACK TUTOR is based on the mathematical probabilities of blackjack. You can choose the number of decks to play with and the level at which the dealer reshuffles the cards. You can also play with or without insurance. As the dealer, the computer follows a set of casino rules. You have the options of staying, hitting, doubling, splitting, surrendering, and asking for insurance. When you play against the computer, you can request betting and playing strategy prompts at any time and you can specify whether you want message displays when you take an incorrect action. You can also study the computer playing a tens count strategy game of blackjack against the dealer, with instructive data displays.

The author invites written questions and comments.


This is an enjoyable way to increase your blackjack skills. You can go at your own pace. The human engineering could be better.

The user manual is GOOD.

Cassette (410) APX-10057, Diskette (810) APX-20057


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