BASIC Renumber Utility (RENUM)

(Recommended for BASIC programmers/Written in BASIC)

Finally, we have a utility to renumber your BASIC programs. RENUM renumbers your statements using the increment value you specify, and it adjusts your GOTO, IF/THEN, GOSUB, and other statements to reflect the new line numbers. RENUM asks you for your new starting line number, the range of lines you want renumbered, and your desired increment value. If you don’t care, it supplies default values. You can also use RENUM to move blocks of code from one area of your program to another.

Review Comments:

“This program has been around for a long time within ATARI. No one is singing its praises, but you can say one thing: it works. We hope someone out there will submit a better renumbering utility for a later issue.”

“The main problems with RENUM are speed and convenience. First, you must save your program on diskette, using the LIST command. Then RENUM uses that file to create a new file, also in LIST format. Because RENUM is written in BASIC, this process can take quite a while, perhaps 15 minutes for a long program. The second problem plagues all renumber routines — proper han- dling of statements like GOTO X, where “X” is a variable. RENUM ignores the implication of this kind of statement, whereas ideally it should warn you. The third problem is its poor user interface in such areas as error trapping and prompts. Obviously, it was written in a hurry. But this utility fills a long-standing need, and you might want it for just those occasions when it can really be a lifesaver.”

Diskette (Order No. APX-20011)

BASIC Renumber Utility (RENUM) Mentions...

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