BASIC Program Compressor (MASHER)

(Recommended for BASIC programmers/Written in BASIC)

If you’ve ever worked for hours on a program just to have it run out of memory, this utility is for you. MASHER compresses your BASIC programs into as little memory as possible. You tell MASHER the name of your program and how many variables you’ve used (our BASIC Cross- Reference Utility, described elsewhere in this section, tells you this if you don’t feel like counting). Then you relax while MASHER (1) removes RE- Mark statements, (2) converts frequently used constants to variables, and (3) packs together multiple short lines to form longer ones.

MASHER requires you to leave lines 0-9 and variable names Q0-Q999 available for use in defining variables to replace frequently used constants. Depending on how compressed your initial code is, MASHER can reduce the required RAM by as much as 50%. Used wisely, it can save you a lot of work (and RAM).

Review Comments:

“MASHER is handy to have in your library because it not only makes your programs smaller, but also makes them run faster. We’ve often been able to reduce the memory required for a program by 20% with MASHER.”

“Be prepared to wait a long time for MASHER to convert a program. Conversions can take anywhere from a few minutes to many hours, depending on the length of your program. Be sure your disk drive and diskettes are in perfect operating condition before using MASHER, which is quite fussy about these things.”

“MASHER can make mistakes. You might find that some compressed programs will require some ‘touching up’ afterwards. But this is usually no big task.”

“A MASHed program will be very hard to read, because all REMarks have been removed and lines have been compressed. Therefore, you’ll probably want to MASH a program only after you’ve debugged it.”


Diskette (Order No. APX-20008)

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