BASIC Cross-Reference Utility (XREF)

(Recommended for BASIC programmers/Written in BASIC)

XREF is a utility program that gives you some important information about your BASIC program. First, it tells you the number of variables you’ve used, which is helpful in large programs, where you might be approaching the 128-variable limit. (It’s also necessary information for running the MASHER program, described elsewhere in this section.) Second, it lists the names of all your variables. Third, and most im- portant, it tells you the lines in which you’ve used these variables. This in- formation can be valuable for debug- ging complex BASIC programs.

Review Comments:

“XREF is a handy utility to have in your library. In several instances, it has saved us hours of frustrating debugging. It’s also useful when trying to squeeze out seldom-used variables because it’s like a program road map.”

“XREF’s error trapping could be better. For example, it might stop and display a BASIC error if it doesn’t like your input or your file. It’s also rather slow — a large program might take 15 minutes to cross-reference.”

Diskette (Order No. APX-20009)

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