Banner Generator

(Recommended for ages 8 and up/Written in BASIC)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MOM & DAD! CLEAN YOUR ROOM!! DON’T FORGET TO PICK UP BRUTUS AT THE KENNEL. WHEN AM I GONNA GET MY $10.00? GET YOUR FREE DISKETTES HERE! How often have you wished for a dramatic way to make your point? With BANNER GENERATOR, you can turn out one-liners up to six inches high and as long as 80 characters. You can print messages in normal character intensity or extra dark (if you use an ATARI 825 80-Column Printer). You can vary both character height and character width. And you can select from three output methods the message printed with one fill character (e.g., the character “#”), each output character printed using itself as the fill character (e.g., “A’s” for the letter “A” and “R’s” for the letter “R”), or a short word used as the fill character (e.g., the word “FAREWELL”). For all three methods, the message prints sideways down the paper like a ticker tape. In addition, you can reproduce banner-size ATARI graphics characters, although these characters can’t be fill characters. The possibilities are endless!


Because of letter size, this program uses lots of paper and ribbon.

These banner messages are popular with kids even when the messages are reminders to do chores!

With a little programming, you can use BANNER GENERATOR with alternate character sets you’ve designed.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.

Diskette, APX-20040

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