(Recommended for ages 8 and up/Written in BASIC)

BABEL is a fast-moving, two-player game packed with sound effects and graphics. You’re in a race to build a tower to reach the stars overhead. Which kind of builder are you? One that lays a solid foundation or one that lets the bricks fall where they may? You use your joystick to lay the bricks that let you climb to the stars and you score points with each star you touch. You win by outscoring your opponent, but you can also lose at any point if you box yourself in with bricks. In addition, building too precarious a structure can cause you to fall and lose points. And just when you think you finally have the game sewed up, you can become the victim of a celestial event or you can incur the wrath of the heavens!

Play BABEL for preset goals, set your own goal, or play an open-ended game. BABEL has three levels of difficulty.

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BABEL is an imaginative game that uses ATARI computer sound and graphics features creatively. .

Playing BABEL takes both dexterity and forethought. At the same time, it’s playable on many levels, making it fun for experienced as well as for novice players.

Owing to the colors used, BABEL isn’t suitable for black and white video screens.

The user manual is VERY GOOD.

Cassette (410) APX-10038, Diskette (810) APX-20038


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