(Recommended for all ages/Written in machine language)

You’ve been mountain climbing all day. You’re ahead of the other climbers and you’re almost at the summit when you hear a rumbling noise. You glance up — headed straight your way is an avalanche of rocks! You decide to sacrifice yourself to save the others, so you start deflecting the rocks with whatever is at hand. The impact of the rocks gradually wears away the number and size of your “shields”, but the rocks keep coming, smaller and faster. If you manage to ward off all the rocks, you face yet another avalanche. The goal is to score as many points as you can by deflecting the rocks before they hit the ground. You can play AVALANCHE alone or you can pit your skill against an opponent. Four bonus levels challenge your ever-increasing skill.

AVALANCHE is a trademark of Atari, Inc.

Review Comments:

“Great use of the ATARI computer’s colors, graphics, and sound. Patterned after the ATARI arcade game of the same name.”

“This game really appeals to all ages – it’s simple enough for young players, but it challenges experienced players via its bonus levels and its stepped-up pace as the avalanche progresses. Makes a great party game.”

Cassette (Order No. APX-10003)
Diskette (Order No. APX-20003)

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