(Recommended for all ages /Written in BASIC)

After playing this two-player game, you’ll watch your step around anthills. You and a friend are at the bottom of a subterranean anthill. The first to reach the surface wins, but it’s not simply a matter of tracing the quickest path and using your joystick to follow it to the top. This anthill is at a construction site, and so paths open and close in the maze as the earth shifts under the weight of the heavy machinery. In addition, a frantic blue ant scurries around the maze trying to keep you from deserting. If it zaps you, you’re thrown back to the bottom of the heap, and your race begins anew.

Review Comments:

“This is an interesting variation on maze games using a joystick controller to move around. You need patience while a path opens up, but you also need speed to beat your opponent and the dynamic maze, which might re-close the path before you can get through it.”

“The game could be more imaginative. For example, it would be fun to hear the ants scurry around, bounce against closed pathways, and thud back to the bottom of the maze.”

“Owing to the colors used, the bad blue ant is hard to see on a black and white video screen. However, you can still play the game, since you know when you’ve been zapped because of where you land.”

Cassette (Order No. APX-10024)
Diskette (Order No. APX-20024)

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