747 Landing Simulator

(Recommended for ages 12 and up/ Written in BASIC)

Here’s a game that gives all would-be jumbo jet pilots the frustration, anxiety, and thrill of landing their very own 747 jet airliner. From the cockpit, you see the airport runway and horizon presented in true perspective; your instrument panel display, which is continuously updated, appears at the bottom of your screen. Runway lights flash for pilot guidance, and they brighten as you approach the airport. For further realism, you hear the sounds of air turbulence, various warning signals, and other events. You even hear your engines’ deceleration upon landing your aircraft successfully. However, you’ll probably have to practice landing many times before you get this far. At the end of your flight, you receive a score that reflects not only your expertise in landing safely but also the quality of your runway approach how much fuel you used and how long you took to land. The game has three levels of difficulty and two options — landing with instruments on and with instruments off (that is, the instrument display isn’t updated).

747 LANDING SIMULATOR uses some interesting graphics. For example, it uses player missile graphics for the midair collisions, a custom designed character set, and a modified display list to obtain large text in the text window.


This game is fascinating, complex, and hard to master. The joystick commands take getting used to. The game calls for patience and perseverance.

Because the game is written in BASIC, it doesn’t have the illusion of real-time flight.

The user manual is GOOD. You must read it to understand how to play the game.

Cassette (410) APX-10043, Diskette (810) APX-20043


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