The Atari Program Exchange was started by Dale Yocum in February 1981 as a way to get user written software that didn't necessarily have broad end user appeal, in front of a wider audience and at the same time, make some money for Atari. The program was wildly successful in the USA and became a major source of profit for Atari. The APX catalog was produced quarterly, the first issue dated Summer 1981 and ran until the beginning of 1984 when, at the Request of Atari, the Antic Magazine incorporated some of the APX list into Antic Software under the title "APX Classics from Antic". Most of the software available in the catalogue was fairly niche market but there were a few notable hits including Caverns of Mars, Eastern Front 1941 and Dandy (which became Dark Chambers and was the inspiration for the Gauntlet Arcade game).