Fujinet Server Status

Atari8bit.net has a TNFS server running which you can access by adding FujiNet.Atari8bit.net or tnfs.Atari8bit.net to your FujiNet host list. Below I’ve printed some info about the server, the info updates hourly.

Server Stats.

Server name: Fujinet.Atari8bit.net
Server uptime: 39 weeks, 1 day, 19 hours
Fujinet Storage: 1632 Files in 140 Directories, 91M Total
Unique Visitors: 1584 Total Mounts: 20653

Visiting Countries:
🇺🇸 (9012)🇵🇱 (2817)🇩🇪 (2307)🇨🇦 (2033)🇬🇧 (1499)🇪🇸 (600)🇨🇱 (570)🇳🇱 (197)🇳🇿 (174)🇺🇾 (172)🇮🇪 (159)🇦🇺 (142)🇨🇿 (138)🇫🇷 (115)🇲🇽 (115)🇦🇹 (111)🇸🇰 (87)🇮🇹 (66)🇭🇷 (61)🇸🇪 (59)🇵🇹 (56)🇨🇭 (34)🇧🇷 (32)🇦🇷 (30)🇳🇴 (24)🇧🇪 (15)🇱🇺 (11)🇯🇵 (4)🇰🇷 (4)🇵🇪 (4)🇮🇲 (3)🇭🇺 (1)🇿🇦 (1)

Last 40 Requests

🇨🇱 /Games/2020/Adam is Me
🇨🇱 /Games/Ports/Gunfright - ZX Spectrum
🇨🇱 /Games/Ports/The Way of the Exploding Fist -C16
🇨🇱 /Games/Ports/Apple Invaders - Apple II
🇨🇱 /Games/Ports/Apple Invaders - Apple II
🇵🇱 /Scene/Demos/2017/Bad Apple 128x192
🇵🇱 /Scene/Demos/2017/We Are Still Fighting for Transitions
🇵🇱 /Scene/Demos/2017/Bad Apple 128x192
🇵🇱 /Scene/Demos/2016/Unmec
🇵🇱 /Scene/Music/2022/GTIA/Let's Go!
🇵🇱 /Scene/Music/2022/Atari Adventure
🇵🇱 /Scene/Demos/2022/Bring Back the Eighties
🇵🇱 /Scene/Demos/2022/Alley Dog
🇵🇱 /Scene/Demos/2022/Rewind
🇵🇱 /Scene/Demos/2015/Nordlicht
🇵🇱 /Games/2023/Space Taxi
🇵🇱 /Games/2023/Gacek F+
🇺🇸 /Scene/Demos/2015/Nordlicht
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Breakout
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Breakout
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Mario Bros
🇩🇪 /Scene/Demos/2016/Unmec
🇩🇪 /Scene/Demos/2016/Unmec
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Breakout
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Mario Bros
🇩🇪 /Scene/Demos/2022/R-Epilogue
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Breakout
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Mario Bros
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Breakout
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Mario Bros
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Breakout
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Mario Bros
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Breakout
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Mario Bros
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Breakout
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Mario Bros
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Breakout
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Mario Bros
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Breakout
🇺🇸 /Games/Cartridge Rips/Atari/Mario Bros

Top 40 All Time

393SysInfo, v2.24
341Another Pong
313Alley Dog
274ACP Atari Control Picture
219River Raid
211Dungeon Hunt
196MyDOS, 4.53-4
180SysInfo v2.24
175Abu Simbel Profanation
174Bruce Lee - Return of Fury
172Bounty Bob Strikes Back!
149Moon Patrol
148BBS Express
148Bender and His Robot Factory
143DOS 3
141Ice-T XE
138Bring Back the Eighties
137Ice-T XE, v2.8a7
137Memory Test
132Smack My Candy Up
121FlickerTerm 80, v0.51
117Atari Adventure
114eXtended RAM Test, 0.21.0
111Axel F
110DOS 2.5, D128
108Donkey Kong

Monthly Top 20


26Chuckie Egg
18Mario Bros
13Dig Dug
8Bruce Lee - Return of Fury
7cc65-Chess - C64
6Bruce Lee - Eel Ecurb
5BubbleShooter, v1.06
5Plan B - BBC
5River Raid
4Another Pong
4BASIC 10 Liners
4Boulder Dash
4Demon Attack
4Dizzy - C64


40SysInfo, v2.24
33DOS 2.5, D12348
31eXtended RAM Test, 0.21.0
14Screen Testers
10Ice-T XE, v2.8a7
10MILF, 0.8
8ACP Atari Control Picture
7BBS Express
7UAV Line and Artifact Test
6DOS 3
6Memory Test
6MyDOS, 4.53-4
4Chameleon, v4.03
4MyDOS, 4.55 beta 4
3DOS 2.5, D128
3Multijoy Tester
3Peripheral Tester, v2.0


13Alley Dog
12Bring Back the Eighties
11Axel F
9Bad Apple 128x192
8Mode 9
7Smack My Candy Up
6Insane At Nordlicht
6Second Life Syndrome
5Far Away
5Hawkeye Tunetro
4Are You Ready for Abduction?

Latest Updates

Games/2023/Cracky (Inufuto, 2023).car
Games/2023/Duck Me (EdwardianDuck, 2023).atr
Games/2023/Binary Parasite (Matosimi, 2023).xex
Games/2023/Gacek F+ (shanti77, 2023) [VBXE].xex
Games/2023/Twin Snakes Run (stRing, 2023).xex
Games/2023/Tristam Island (Hugo Labrand, 2023)(Demo).atr
Games/2023/The Forgotten Pyramid (Shift838, 2023).atr
Games/2023/Tenebra Extended (H4plo, 2023).xex
Games/2023/Space Taxi (Andreatari, 2023)(b2.6)(Original Samples).atr
Games/2023/Space Taxi (Andreatari, 2023)(b2.6)(New Samples).atr
Games/2023/Scorch (Pawel Kalinowski, 2023)(v1.30).xex
Games/2023/Poker Solitaire 2023 (Jerry White, 2023).atr
Games/2023/mytris (Pps, 2023)(v1.01).xex
Games/2023/Lord of the Orb (XaVeR, 2023)(New Levels).atr
Games/2023/Locked Room, The (Shift838, 2023) [BAS].atr
Games/2023/Laska Opata (Mq, 2023).xex
Games/2023/Jetman of the Wood (Andy Omelyanenko, 2023).atr
Games/2023/Hopman (Inufuto, 2023).car
Games/2023/Geisterhaus (olix, 2023)(v1.0).xex
Games/2023/Geisterhaus (olix, 2023)(v1.0).car

Public Atari Fujinet Servers

Status AddressOperatorContent
🆗🇨🇦13leader.netPaul JonesCustom Demo, Games and Homebrew collections
🆗🇺🇸alcatrazbbs.ddns.netmoonlight_mileTOSEC, BBS Software
🆗🇺🇸atari-apps.irata.onlineThom CherryhomesA8 Preservation, Homesoft, Custom Tools & Code collecions
🆗🇩🇪Fujinet.ABBUC.SocialABBUC e.V.The ABBUC P.D. Library
⛔️8H🇺🇸fujinet.atari8bit.netSteve BoswellApps, Games & Demos. Modern releases by year. Unusually grouped collections.
🆗🇨🇱fujinet.clWilheimA8 Preservation, AtariOnline.pl., Homesoft + Lots of unique software and code.
🆗🇺🇸fujinet.diller.orgAndy DillerFandal, Homesoft, Flop Magazin + Custom Neon & Demo collections
🆗🇺🇸fujinet.onlinemozzwaldHolmes CD1, Net Tools, Apps & A few games.
🆗🇵🇱fujinet.plBocianu BoczanskyCustom Games and Demo collections. Home of the Weather, News, Talk and Covid Fujinet apps.
⛔️2D🇺🇸fujinet.sdf.orgSDF.orgCustom Games collection
🆗🇨🇿fujinet.us.to Yogi's Games disks, Custom Games collection
🆗🇺🇸omnia.feoh.org Unorgainised software collections, 18+ Adult Themed collection
🆗🇨🇿tnfs.oldcomp.eu Custom Game, App & Magazine collections
🆗🇺🇸tnfs.onlinex=usr(1536)Homesoft, Custom collections, lots of code
🆗🇺🇸www.naberhood.comSoulBusterWell organized custom collections of Games, Apps and Tools
🆗🇺🇸www.thebrewingacademy.orgMarlin BatesFandal collections + some Fujinet tools.

If you have an Atari tnfs server and want it listed here, you are on this list and want to be removed, or I’ve got something wrong, please contact me using one of the links at the bottom of the page.

What is a Fujinet?

If you are into Atari 8bit and don’t know what a Fujinet is you must have been living in a cave for the last year. Actually, knowing Thomas Cherryhomes, he’s been visiting all the caves and hand delivering fliers so you have no excuse at all.

The Fujinet is a device that plugs into the SIO port on a real 8bit Atari and it will emulate every SIO device that could ever plug into an Atari (yes I do mean every. If there is something Fujinet doesn’t currently emulate you can bet it’s going to before they call the project complete!)

The brainchild of @tschak and @mozzwald, it has evolved from a simple device that can emulate an RS232 modem into the SIO Swiss Army Knife it is today, going through a dizzying array of prototypes and using ever more powerful hardware as it grew.

Aided by the coding genius of @jeffpiep, @omf, and a growing group of savants; also using code donated by anyone else willing to help, this little square now provides Disks, Cassettes, Printers, Modem, Midi and Speech Synthesis functionality to your Atari.

Fujinet connects to the internet using Wi-Fi and offers a new N: device which will allow the creation of all manner of internet connected apps, with the Fujinet doing the heavy lifting. Online games, twitter clients, gopher, telnet, ftp, web, irc, nntp servers and many other things will be “relatively simple”*.

*Relatively simple” A Thom Cherryhomes phrase that means “Not Impossible

One feature of the Fujinet is the ability to connect to Spectranet tnfs servers and load software directly from them; no need to copy the images locally. Yes you can use your Atari 8bit to boot Mr Robot and His Robot Factory from a server in Poland if you wish and you will hardly notice any difference in speed from loading it locally!

Early Prototype “Mars Bar”

My own contributions to the FujiNet Project have been the design of the Fujinet logo, the design of the internal web interface, the SIO passthrough, the 3D design work for the initial design of the SIO receptacle, and the design & production of one of the early prototype boards.

For more info, including where to get one of these wondrous devices go to the Fujinet Homepage.