Fujinet Server Status

Atari8bit.net has a TNFS server running which you can access by adding FujiNet.Atari8bit.net or tnfs.Atari8bit.net to your FujiNet host list. Below I’ve printed some info about the server, the info updates hourly.

Server Stats.

Server name: Fujinet.Atari8bit.net
Server uptime: 10 weeks, 2 days, 21 hours, 49 minutes
Fujinet Storage: 2360 Files in 196 Directories, 229M Total
Unique Visitors: 421 Total Mounts: 2808 Avg Mounts Per Day: 31

Visiting Countries:
🇺🇸 (174)🇵🇱 (67)🇩🇪 (61)🇬🇧 (37)🇨🇦 (18)🇨🇱 (11)🇦🇺 (6)🇳🇱 (6)🇮🇹 (6)🇨🇭 (5)🇪🇸 (4)🇬🇷 (4)🇱🇻 (3)🇺🇾 (3)🇦🇹 (2)🇮🇱 (2)🇸🇪 (2)🇸🇰 (2)🇬🇪 (1)🇳🇿 (1)🇫🇷 (1)🇷🇺 (1)🇦🇷 (1)🇯🇪 (1)🇳🇴 (1)🇸🇦 (1)

Last 40 Requests

🇮🇹 /Games/2000-2009/Dyna Blaster
🇬🇧 /Games/1979-1999/Atari/Sinistar
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Infocom/Sorcerer
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Electra Concepts/Meteorites 5200
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Microprose/Silent Service
🇺🇸 /Scene/Demos/Recall
🇺🇸 /Scene/Demos/Axel-F
🇺🇸 /Scene/Graphics/Are You Ready for Abduction?
🇺🇸 /Scene/Music/Amazed by the Pokey Venture
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Roklan/Star Maze
🇺🇸 /Applications/Copiers/Copymate XE
🇺🇸 /Applications/Copiers/MyCopyR!
🇺🇸 /Scene/Graphics/Capitol
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Atari/Xevious 5200
🇺🇸 /Applications/Programming/Action! v3.7X
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/American Eagle/Lucifer's Realm
🇺🇸 /Games/2020-2029/Sokoban
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Level 9/Time and Magik
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Level 9/Ingrid's Back!
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Broderbund/Choplifter
🇺🇸 /Games/BASIC 10 Liners [BAS]/2016
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Level 9/Growing Pains of Adrian Mole
🇺🇸 /Games/2024/FlaschBier
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Level 9/Secret Diary of Adrian Mole
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Level 9/Archers
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Level 9/Scapeghost
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Level 9/Lancelot
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Level 9/Knight Orc
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Level 9/Gnome Ranger
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Level 9/Emerald Isle
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Level 9/Silicon Dreams
🇺🇸 /Games/1979-1999/Level 9/Jewels of Darkness
🇫🇷 /Scene/ATASCII/British Council
🇫🇷 /Scene/Demos/Alley Dog
🇺🇸 /Applications/DOS Disks/Atari DOS
🇺🇸 /Games/2024/Agent Wander
🇫🇷 /Scene/Demos/15 Shades of Grey
🇺🇸 /Games/2020-2029/Sokoban
🇫🇷 /Games/2024/Grawitacja 8Bit GameJam/BoberDash_WIP
🇺🇸 /Games/2010-2019/Dungeon Hunt II

Latest Uploads

Games/2024/Agent Wander (2024)(J.Copsey).xex
Games/VBXE/Missile Command Arcade (2024) [VBXE].xex
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Three Card Brag (3.11)(Steve Knight).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Winston in the Caves (1.11)(Daniel Clapson)(Bonus).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Tyrants of Torment (3.12)(Gavin Davidson).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Treasure Hunt (1.03)(Mike Rowe).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Torpedo! (2.12)(Gary Tinsley).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Snowball (3.08)(Matthew Bernstein, Caspian Prince).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/The Game of Life (3.06)(Len Golding).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Submarine (1.02)(Vince Apps).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Submarine Hunter (3.09)(Nick Pearce).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Space Maze (2.03)(Steven Davies).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Skate Crazy (2.12)(Mark Riley).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Money Bags (3.02)(Geoffrey Storey).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Scramble Fighter (1.09)(Richard Vanner)(Bonus).xex
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Santa's Grotto (2.08)(Mike Rowe).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Pyromania (4.06)(Stephen Williamson).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Maze Munch (1.05)(Roland Waddilove).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Pontoon (1.06)(Stephen Boxley).atr
Games/Type-ins/Atari User/Mole Hunter (2.09)(Kevin Lush).atr

Currently Popular Games

11Donkey Kong
9Miner 2049er
8Cyborg Warriors
7Bounty Bob Strikes Back!

Currently Popular Apps

17Atari DOS
11FlickerTerm 80
10AtariWriter Plus
5Memory Test
4ACP Atari Control Picture
4Copymate XE
4eXtended RAM Test
4VBXE Term
3Action! v3.7X

Currently Popular Scene

2315 Shades of Grey
3Alley Dog
3Amazed by the Pokey Venture
3Arsantica 3
2AD6502 - Arsantica 2
2Atari 8-bit Boink
2Atari Adventure
2British Council
2Happy Fox

Other Public TNFS Servers

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🆗🇵🇱fujinet.plBocianu BoczanskyCustom Games and Demo collections. Home of the Weather, News, Talk and Covid Fujinet apps.
⛔️24D🇺🇸fujinet.sdf.orgSDF.orgCustom Games collection
🆗🇨🇿fujinet.us.to Yogi's Games disks, Custom Games collection
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⛔️8D🇨🇿tnfs.oldcomp.eu Custom Game, App & Magazine collections
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🆗🇺🇸www.thebrewingacademy.orgMarlin BatesFandal collections + some Fujinet tools.

If you have an Atari tnfs server and want it listed here, you are on this list and want to be removed, or I’ve got something wrong, please contact me using one of the links at the bottom of the page.

What is a Fujinet?

If you are into Atari 8bit and don’t know what a Fujinet is you must have been living in a cave for the last year. Actually, knowing Thomas Cherryhomes, he’s been visiting all the caves and hand delivering fliers so you have no excuse at all.

The Fujinet is a device that plugs into the SIO port on a real 8bit Atari and it will emulate every SIO device that could ever plug into an Atari (yes I do mean every. If there is something Fujinet doesn’t currently emulate you can bet it’s going to before they call the project complete!)

The brainchild of @tschak and @mozzwald, it has evolved from a simple device that can emulate an RS232 modem into the SIO Swiss Army Knife it is today, going through a dizzying array of prototypes and using ever more powerful hardware as it grew.

Aided by the coding genius of @jeffpiep, @omf, and a growing group of savants; also using code donated by anyone else willing to help, this little square now provides Disks, Cassettes, Printers, Modem, Midi and Speech Synthesis functionality to your Atari.

Fujinet connects to the internet using Wi-Fi and offers a new N: device which will allow the creation of all manner of internet connected apps, with the Fujinet doing the heavy lifting. Online games, twitter clients, gopher, telnet, ftp, web, irc, nntp servers and many other things will be “relatively simple”*.

*Relatively simple” A Thom Cherryhomes phrase that means “Not Impossible

One feature of the Fujinet is the ability to connect to Spectranet tnfs servers and load software directly from them; no need to copy the images locally. Yes you can use your Atari 8bit to boot Mr Robot and His Robot Factory from a server in Poland if you wish and you will hardly notice any difference in speed from loading it locally!

Early Prototype “Mars Bar”

My own contributions to the FujiNet Project have been the design of the Fujinet logo, the design of the internal web interface, the SIO passthrough, the 3D design work for the initial design of the SIO receptacle, and the design & production of one of the early prototype boards.

For more info, including where to get one of these wondrous devices go to the Fujinet Homepage.