Programmers Guide, 1981

This is an interesting thing. Back in October 2016, AtariAge member farago posted a photo of a wall chart he had had on his wall for many years and said it came from “The Computer Center” in Connecticut, indeed it has their copyright message in the bottom right corner.

The reason I say it’s interesting is that I also had this wallchart back in the 80’s, but I lived in Surrey in the UK and had never been to the USA let alone Connecticut and I can’t remember where I got it!

Wellโ€ฆ The photo of the wallchart was great but despite the efforts of farago it was a little wobbly and distorted and the resolution while OK wasn’t good enough for reproduction so it needed vectorising.

I started it, completely underestimated just how much work was required, and put it away for later.

So now it’s 2019 and I’m studiously avoiding doing something else, I remember this was on the todo list and I finally got around to finishing it. Procrastination is a double edged sword sometimes!

Here’s the link to the original photo by farago, I’m also mirroring it here so we never lose it.

farago’s original photo

There are some great little errata on here, like the odd chevrons instead of Greater-Than, Less-Than, and Carat; The misspelled “Device Dependant”; The invalid character instead of CTRL; the 1/O instead of I/O

Here is the cleaned up version.

Clicking on the above image will get you a larger resolution version but If you would like a much higher resolution printed version of this for your wall, posters are available from here.