Platoterm Boxart

Now that Thomas Cherryhomes over at is getting ready to release a cart version of his amazing Platoterm, he started an AtariAge thread asking for people to help out with boxart and a cart label. The label was easy, I’m already producing repro labels for Atari carts so I did a Platoterm one and said I’d have a go at doing some boxart.


This is going to be a limited run of Carts available to buy from AtariAge and they use Atari 2600 sized box so I thought it would be cute to repro a big box design for the smaller form factor. I found the Telelink boxart and thought a new version of that would fit the bill nicely!

Google image search and some spare time got me almost all the images I needed and I composed a new image with the feel of the old. Here it is.

Plato looking enigmatic.

The front and sides of the box took shape pretty quickly after that, Thom provided the text he wanted in the various areas that text was required, the only thing left was the back.

I couldn’t find any quality images of the art on the back of the big box so I had to redraw everything in an illustration program (I use Affinity Designer) and that means procrastination. Finally (after way too long), I had a finished box which Thom liked. Here it is.