Pascal Boxart

After seeing my Platoterm boxart, Bill Lange asked me to produce a Pascal Box image for his excellent new blog where he explores Atari Pascal. This APX release never had the full Atari ‘Big Box’ treatment.

Assember Editor

I started with the boxart for Assembler Editor, it has excellent artwork and it has the right feel to it for a piece of development software. Then I set about trying to find images to replace all the elements of the drawing. I chose a Picture of Nolan Bushnell for the main guy, added a stack of Bills Pascal books and his Atari collection in the racking in his basement from pictures on his Twitter feed and even sneaked in an SDrive-Max! I added a Lithograph of Blaise Pascal, just because.

Some compositing, colour grading and filter work later and I ended up with a fairly decent image for the image panel on the box front. It doesn’t stand up to very close scrutiny but given the final size of the image it holds up well enough.

Nolan Programming in Pascal

Then I just had to reuse the Platoterm box art and update the requirements on the front. Bill wanted the box to be 3D so I wrapped it and a repro of the spine (again copied from the platoterm box) onto a dimetric grid to get the final image which I them composited with some text requested to be the header.

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